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Bank Rakyat Whistleblowing FAQs



Q1: What is “Whistleblowing”?

A1: Whistleblowing is an act of voluntary disclosure/reporting to the

Management for further action, of any improper conduct (misconduct or

criminal offence or malpractices) committed or about to be committed by an

employee of the Bank.


Q2: Who is the “Whistleblower”?

A2: Any employee (or group of employees) of BANK RAKYAT or members of the

public including vendors, contractors or customers who make a disclosure

against an employee of the Bank about an actual, suspected or anticipated

improper conduct within the Bank.


Q3: What is Bank Rakyat Whistleblowing Policy?

A3: Bank Rakyat Whistleblowing Policy provides an avenue for all employees of

Bank Rakyat and members of the public to disclose any improper conduct in

accordance with the procedures as provided under the policy?


Q4: What is “Misconduct” or what kind of misconduct can I whistleblow?

A4: Misconduct means an improper behavior or an act or conduct in relations to

the employee’s duties or work which is inconsistent with the due performance

of his obligations as an employee and includes breach of discipline or violation

of the rules and regulations as set out in Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

(COBCE), policy and procedures, or other unlawful conduct which shall include

but not limited to the following:-

  1. Fraud;
  2. Bribery/Corruption;

iii. Abuse of Power;

  1. Conflict of Interest;
  2. Theft or Embezzlement;
  3. Misuse of Company’s Property; or

vii. Non-Compliance to Procedure.




Q5: I am not certain whether the act or omission constitutes misconduct or

criminal offence. Should I still make the disclosure?

A5: Yes. The Whistleblowing Committee established by Bank Rakyat will

determine whether the disclosure constitutes a misconduct or criminal offence.




Q6: To whom should I whistleblow?

A6: Disclosure can be made through Email to whistle@bankrakyat.com.my in a

strictly confidential manner. You will be assigned with a reference number.

Further communications will be conducted using the said reference number.


Q7: What information should I provide to Bank Rakyat when I made the


A7: The following information are required by Bank Rakyat to expedite the

communication, investigation, deliberation and decision-making:-

  1. Details of the person (s) involved;
  2. Details of the allegation;
  • Nature of the allegation.
  • When and when the alleged misconduct / wrongdoing took place.
  1. Other relevant information; and
  2. Any supporting evidence if available


Q8: Can I choose to be anonymous when making a disclosure?

A8: In principle, Bank Rakyat requires the Whistleblower to disclose his/her

identity to enable him/her to be accorded with the necessary protection and

be informed on the outcome of the investigation.


Q9: Can I, as a Whistleblower later decide to withdraw my complaint?

A9: Yes, you may withdraw your complaint by using the same channel of

reporting you have chosen earlier. You will be required to furnish the reference

number assigned to you and state your reason(s) for withdrawal.




Q10: What will be the type of protection of that could be accorded to me as

a Whistleblower?

A10: You will be accorded with protection of confidentiality to the extent

reasonably practicable, and in case of the employees, protection against any

adverse and detrimental actions, to the extent reasonable practicable.

However, your consent will be sought should there be a need to disclose your

identity for investigation purposes. Process of the investigation may be

impacted if your consent is withheld.


Q11: Can the protection initially accorded be revoked? If yes, under what

circumstances can it be revoked?

A11: Yes. The protection to the whistleblower can be revoked under the

following circumstances, among others:-

▪ The whistleblower participated in the improper misconduct;

▪ The whistleblower willfully discloses a false statement;

▪ The disclosure is made in bad faith or with malicious intent;

▪ The disclosure is frivolous or vexatious; or

▪ The disclosure is made solely or substantially with the motive of avoiding

dismissal or other disciplinary action.




Q12: Will I be required to assist in the investigation as a result of my


A12: Yes. There will be instances where a Whistleblower may be called to assist in the investigation to provide more details/facts of his/her disclosure.

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